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Results Commentary : Cisco Euro Challenge 2005
Phone a friend
by Andrew Hawkins
60 nervous and excited teams gathered in the stunning Belgium town of Houfalize for the 4th annual Cisco Euro Challenge. After an initial event briefing and welcome from Cisco, teams were expecting a relaxed night of catching up with colleagues and f ....more

Tour de Europe
by Andrew Hawkins
After a well deserved nights rest, teams faced probably the toughest stage of the event, this being a 5 hour mountain biking and canoeing challenge, which involved multiple layers of strategy and planning to succeed.

As the name of the st ....more

Out of Arm's reach
by Julie Lloyd Davies
Following the physical intensity of today’s earlier stage, teams were given little chance to recover as they were held from their beds by the third stage – a construction stage taking place under the cover of darkness. Set in the local fl ....more

The ancient game of Merellus
by Julie Lloyd Davies
In an about-turn for the teams, this stage focuses on their mental strategic skills alone, leaving those relying on physical strength and stamina on a back foot. The ancient game of Merellus, or Nine Men's Morris, is at the surface a relatively simpl ....more

World Cup Racing
by Andrew Hawkins
With the dramatic stage four behind them, teams faced a mountain biking challenge that would see them visit four equipment points that were spread in the surrounding forests, in a 15 mile radius from event HQ. The course designers cunningly placed th ....more

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