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Results Commentary : Cisco City Challenge 2005
A task too far
by Dan White
The opening stage of the 2005 Cisco City Challenge was a fastest to finish stage where teams were required to navigate their way by foot across the glorious South Downs. The competitors came up against some tough terrain, working their way through un ....more

Medieval Mayham
by Andrew Hawkins
After a gruelling and strategically testing stage one, CSFB (team 25) took a narrow lead over Global Knowledge (team 60) in the closely contested all female cup.

Following their well earned lunch break, which saw many teams re-hydrating a ....more

At the races
by Andrew Hawkins
Considering the location of the event it was only appropriate that one of the stages incorporated a horse-racing theme. With that being the case, stage three represents a bookies dream, with the “At the races” stage.

This stage ....more

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